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2009 PIC/LAAC Summer Series for Law Students

Monday June 08

  • By: LAAC/PIC
  • Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Location:
    Online, CA
  • Contact:
    Vivian Chen
    415-834-0100 x312

2009 PIC/LAAC Summer Series for Law Students

Public Interest Clearinghouse (PIC) and Legal Aid Association of California (LAAC) join forces once again to train law students in the PIC/LAAC Summer Series. This summer training series is designed to introduce law students to a variety of legal services programs, to support legal services programs with supplementary summer clerk trainings, and to provide additional support to law students. Participating law students include summer law clerks at legal services programs, as well as law firm summer associates interested in doing pro bono work. The program is designed to supplement the law students' on-site training and to provide additional insight on a variety of legal subjects. There are nine trainings that will take place from noon to 1pm on Mondays and Thursdays beginning June 8, 2009. The trainers will use the online tool GoToWebinar to present materials to the students, so there is no travel or cost associated with participation.

Current Schedule and Descriptions

6/8/09 - Interviewing Clients
(Speakers: Julia Wilson, PIC, & Siobhan Waldron, PIC).
This session is a brief introduction to some techniques and tips for interviewing clients. Ethical issues and working with clients who have mental issues will be some of the topics that will be covered. There will also be an overview of, statewide website to connect Californians to free self-help information and legal services.

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6/11/09 - Rural Access to Justice
(Speaker: Herb Whitaker, LSNC; Salena Copeland, Public Interest Clearinghouse)
This training will provide an introduction to the unique barriers and challenges facing rural public interest attorneys and their rural clients. This training will also cover possible solutions and ways that urban law students can help rural attorneys through one-day clinics, rural service learning trips research projects, and summer internships.

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6/15/09 - VAWA Self-Petitioning Basics
(Speaker: Sally Kinoshita, ILRC)
This webinar will provide an introductory overview of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) self-petitioning process that allows undocumented immigrant victims of domestic violence to obtain immigration status. We will cover a brief overview of immigration terms and concepts, the requirements for filing a VAWA self-petition, and the procedure for helping clients in the process.

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6/18/09 - Fellowships and How to Pursue a Career in Public Interest
(Speaker: Diane Chin, Stanford Law School)
This training will provide an overview of post-graduate fellowship opportunities and will specifically focus on how to secure a host organization for project-based fellowships (including Skadden, Equal Justice Works, and Echoing Green), tips to develop an effective application, and how to prepare for interviews. Time allowing, there will also be discussion regarding how to pursue a public interest career, generally, and current trends in the field.

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6/22/09 - Eviction Defense & Mortgage Foreclosure
(Speaker: Maeve Elise Brown, HERA)
This training will profile the recent mortgage foreclosure crisis and its effect on tenants of foreclosed homes. Participants will learn what attorneys are doing now to protect the rights of tenants and what students can do to help.

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6/25/09 - Using Law for Change: Litigation to Challenge Systemic Violations
(Speaker: Brad Seligman, Impact Fund)
How can a lawyer challenge widespread illegal behavior? Is all the work inside the courtroom? What is the role of a lawyer in a broader struggle? This program will discuss the available methods and procedures for challenging systemic problems such as discrimination or unlawful governmental conduct. Class actions, writs, private attorney general actions and other procedures, including individual actions, will be outlined. It will also look at non-legal components, such as working with grass roots groups and the media as part of an overall strategy. Ultimately, the program will look at broader goals, rather than narrow legal victories, as the measure of success.

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6/29/09 - Insiders' Perspectives on Estate Planning
(Speaker: Amir Atashi Rang, The Atashi Rang Law Firm and ALRP Attorney of the Year)
This training will provide an introduction to the world of estate planning and estate administration. We will discuss the foundational estate planning documents, namely a will, trust, power of attorney, and advance health care directive. We will discuss what an estate planner does on a typical day. And, we will review the type of projects, which are usually assigned to new associates. Finally, we will review the tremendous need for pro bono and low-fee legal assistance with respect to estate and tax matters.

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7/2/09 - Representing Workers with Discrimination and Harassment Claims
(Speaker: Sharon Terman, Legal Aid Society - Employment Law Center)
This training will provide a basic overview of employment discrimination and harassment laws. It will cover different types of unlawful employer conduct as well as legal remedies available to workers. It will also address procedural considerations in representing workers with discrimination and harassment claims, from initial intake to resolution of the case.

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7/6/09 - Helping Low-Income Individuals Address Debt Collection
(Speaker: Allison Stone, VLSP-BASF)
Description: This webinar will discuss basic debt collection practices and the experiences of low-income individuals harassed by debt collection agencies and law firms. It will address main issues to consider when advising low-income clients of their rights regarding debt collection and creditor law suits.

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