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Dan Bradley Fellowship

The Dan Bradley Fellowship Program

Since 1991, through the Dan Bradley Fellowship Program, LAAC has awarded summer funding every year to one or more law students working with a LAAC member program. To honor Dan Bradley's legacy and the principles for which he stood, the goal of the Fellowship is to offer law students, particularly those from low-income or working class backgrounds the opportunity to consider a career in legal services.

2012 Fellows:

"This past summer I spent my time as a summer intern at California Rural Legal Assistance under the Community Equity Initiative working with disadvantaged unincorporated communities. I worked on an array of issue areas including analyzing new laws applicable to local governments and local agency formation commissions. Additionally, I worked directly with clients interested in connecting their community to municipal services in neighboring cities and assisted with research to compile a comprehensive list of local city and county policies directed towards unincorporated communities. Overall, these experiences could not have been possible without the financial support of the Dan Bradley fellowship. I am forever grateful for the financial and professional support offered by the fellowship."

Angélica Salcedo, California Rural Legal Assistance, Inc.

"This summer was filled with a variety of complex assignments dealing with federal Indian Law. It gave me an opportunity to work in Indian law, which is something very dear to my heart. It also allowed me to experience working at a non-profit in a legal capacity and to work under several attorneys. A fair portion of my work included speaking with potential clients over the phone in the form of intake interviews. Some of the topics people inquired about included how to trace Native American ancestry, become a member of a tribe, unseal birth records, or obtain educational loans. I am very thankful I had the opportunity to work at CILS over the summer. It helped me to see my own strengths and weaknesses and learn more about what kind of environment I would like to work in one day. It also helped me feel a sense of accomplishment that I was able to serve the American Indian community and give back in some way. Finally, it gave me an opportunity to learn more about federal Indian law, an especially complex niche. Thank you again for awarding me the Dan Bradley Fellowship."

Emily Zushi, California Indian Legal Services

"California Indian Legal Services ("CILS") is one of the oldest non-profit law firms devoted exclusively to the cause of Native American rights. The firm both accepts contract work for California Tribes of American Indians, as well as provides legal aid services for low income Indian residents of California. Unsurprisingly, my summer work was extremely varied and legally interesting. I drafted Indian Wills, worked on several land use issues and represented a Tribe in a mediation session with a city whose actions threatened Tribal cultural lands and artifacts. I also supplied inmates with legal materials as they confronted their institutions' policies that inhibited the practice of traditional Native American religious ceremonies. CILS continues to advocate for the rights of an American people who have been among the most persecuted and isolated in our nation's history. It was an honor to work for CILS this summer, and I believe I learned more in two months and two weeks at the firm than I did in two years of law school."

Lucy Walker, California Indian Legal Services

2011 Fellows:
Kevin Carmichael
, Legal Services of Northern California
Jacqueline Duran, Watsonville Law Center

2010 Fellows:
Cristina Chavez, Inland Counties Legal Services Inc.
Elizabeth Aakhus, California Rural Legal Assistance
Maria Olaguez, Community Legal Services

2009 Fellows:
Jocelyn Michelle Godinho, California Rural Legal Assistance, Inc
Liz Jackson, Public Advocates
Rebecca Rabovsky, Legal Services of Northern California

2008 Fellows:
Annie Pan, Asian Pacific American Legal Center
Rigel Massaro, Public Advocates
Eve Epstein, Legal Services of Northern California

2007 Fellows:
Elizabeth Alamillo, Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles
Vardui Barsamyan, Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles
Rebeca Canales, Public Law Center
Elan Martínez, Legal Aid of Marin County
Alan Nolley, Bet Tzedek Legal Services
Steliana D. Schmidel, Immigrant Legal Resource Center

2006 Fellows:
Kirushanthy Balachanthiran, Protection and Advocacy, Inc.
Caryn Crosthwait, California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation
Amanda Newell , California Rural Legal Assistance
Jennifer Phan, Public Counsel
Karma Quick, Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund

2005 Fellows:
Brian O'Toole, Bay Area Legal Aid
Nicole Camarillo, California Rural Legal Assistance
Angelica Nohemi Quiñónez, Child Care Law Center
Katharine Ruhl, U.C. Davis Immigration Clinics
Lourdes Barrera, Los Angeles Center for Law & Justice
Yohandra Ugarte,Harriett Buhai Center for Family Law

2004 Fellows:
Raja Jorjani, California Indian Legal Services
Francisco Moreno, CA Rural Legal Assistance Foundation
Vianey Ramirez, Neighborhood Legal Services of LA County
Jamie Kang Xiong, Central California Legal Services

2003 Fellows:
Charesa Garrett, East Bay Community Law Center
Paul Swiller, Public Counsel

2002 Fellows:
Audrey del Valle, Neighborhood Legal Services of LA County
Clarice Lin, Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights

2001 Fellows:
Jennifer Reisch, Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center

2000 Fellows:
Sonia Merida, Equal Rights Advocates

1999 Fellows:
Amanda R. Touchton & Jennifer Rotman
, Legal Services for Prisoners with Children

1998 Fellows:
Thuy Thi Nguyen, National Health Law Project

1997 Fellows:
Wendy Anderson
, CA Rural Legal Assistance Foundation

1996 Fellows:
Sara Chang
, San Francisco Neighborhood Legal Assistance

1995 Fellows:
Jami Tillotson
, Legal Services of Northern California

1994 Fellows:
Caleb Rush,
California Rural Legal Assistance

1993 Fellows:
Cynthia Waddell
, Legal Aid Society- Employment Law Ctr
Claudia Alvarez, Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles

1992 Fellows:
Latonya Slack
, National Health Law Program
Karla Stewart, California Women's Law Center

1991 Fellows:
Melinda Benninghoff
, Solano Legal Assistance
Terry Truong, National Center for Youth Law
Guadalupe Zamorano-Reagin, Center for Human Rights & Constitutional Law

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